Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Processing Time: 0-14 Days depending on current workload and quantity of your order. For orders that are glued/attached, processing time will be 0-21 days.

Custom Orders: Having your own art is not needed, but it will speed up the processing time. I am able to create custom art/files if you have any ideas or examples. Please do not use someone else's mold or blank as a reference. I can turn any design into a tray, shaker, earring, wall hanging, ashtray, and so much more! Drawings will be sent to you for approval before anything is cut (Request a quote here.)

Privacy: Custom and exclusive orders are not shared outside our conversation without your permission. It will only be shared on @cbcBlanks Instagram story if I am tagged in your post.

Thickness: All acrylic blanks are made in 1/4" thickness, except for earrings and shaker/housing bases. If you have a different preference, please make sure to let me know in the notes section of the item you are purchasing.

Paper Masking: All acrylics are sent with paper masking tape to help protect against scratches. There are many different methods of peeling the tape off. I personally use Black Gorilla Tape (#104743) and cuticle cutters. Warm water and dish soap is also another popular method.

Housings: Adding your logo to housing is free. Please make sure to request when placing your order.


-Gluing is an additional fee per blank/housing set. You do not need to pay two glue fees for tray and its housing, just once for the set. Processing time to glue is 0-21 days. 

-If you choose not to have your order glued, you will receive the order sooner (within 0-14 days). If you need any help, do not hesitate to reach out. I promise it's not hard at all, you can ask for a practice piece if it is your first time gluing. Weldon #4 is the glue I recommend.

Canceling an Order: Each item is made to order and can only be canceled before it is cut. Once an item is cut, it belongs to you. If you want to cancel an order after custom art is already made, there will be a $10 fee per design for time spent. I do not send or sell any files I make.

Damages and Defects: Please inspect your order upon arrival. Contact me right away if there is any damage or defects, so I can evaluate the issue and make it right. You may be asked to return the item if replacement is needed (I will cover the shipping cost).

Shipping: International shipping is available and will receive a free blank to help with the high shipping cost. Tracking numbers are created when the order is packed and ready to be shipped. Please check email for tracking number. Packages are dropped off at the post office within 24 hours (except Sundays).


If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact me on Instagram or