Mystery Bag (Acrylic Blanks)

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Who doesn't love a mystery!?! There are currently over 60 completely random designs for these mystery bags, with 3 size options to choose from! These designs are not currently available on my website.

Small Bag: 5 random acrylic blanks (1 - 1.5")

Medium Bag: 5 random acrylic blanks (2 - 2.5")

Large Bag: 10 random acrylic blanks (1-2.5")

 *You will not receive any duplicates, no matter how many bags ordered. 

*No copyright images are used.

*There is no theme used for these. Just very random hand selected designs I personally thought many would enjoy. 

*If you would like individual housing or a Palette , please send me a message (housings will be regular price)

*Mystery Boxes are non-refundable. If you have an issue with your order, please do message me with your concern.

*Process time 0-14 Days depending on workload